8 different sides of


Wealth Dynamics identifies eight different profiles or types, each with its unique strengths, talents, and ways of accomplishing tasks.

Each of these profiles brings a unique set of ‘super powers’ but also challenges to the role of a Placemaking consultant. Our Profile Debrief will give you the understanding you need to leverage your strengths, so that as a Placemaking consultant you will be able to create more effective and successful public spaces that meet the needs of the community — without burnout!

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Here’s how each of the Wealth Dynamics profiles might approach the typical roles of Placemaking:

The Creator: Creators are innovative thinkers who enjoy generating ideas and initiating projects. They like to approach Placemaking by coming up with creative ideas for public spaces and proposing new initiatives that meet the needs of the community.

The Star: Stars are charismatic individuals who thrive in the spotlight and enjoy being recognized for their achievements. A Star might approach Placemaking by taking charge of public relations and word-of-mouth marketing, promoting public spaces to the wider community, and creating a buzz around new initiatives.

The Supporter: Supporters are people-oriented individuals who enjoy working behind the scenes and supporting others. A Supporter might approach Placemaking by taking care of logistics and operations, organizing events and activities, and ensuring that public spaces are well-maintained and accessible to all.
The Deal Maker: Deal Makers are skilled negotiators who enjoy making deals and finding ways to create value. A Placemaking Deal Maker is likely to get into flow by seeking out partnerships with local businesses, securing funding for new initiatives, and finding ways to leverage resources and maximize the impact of public spaces.
The Trader: Traders are risk-takers who enjoy buying and selling goods and services. A Trader might approach the role of Placemaking by identifying opportunities to monetize public spaces, creating revenue streams that support the ongoing maintenance and development of these spaces, and finding ways to create value for stakeholders.
The Accumulator: Accumulators are detail-oriented individuals who enjoy building and managing systems that create more community assets. An Accumulator might approach Placemaking by analyzing data, identifying trends and patterns, and creating systems that optimize the use of public spaces.
The Lord: Lords are strategic thinkers who enjoy creating long-term plans and managing resources. A Lord might approach Placemaking by developing a comprehensive strategy for public spaces, coordinating the efforts of stakeholders, and managing the resources needed to implement this strategy.
The Mechanic: Mechanics are practical problem solvers who enjoy fixing things and making them work better. A Mechanic might approach Placemaking by identifying the challenges facing public spaces, proposing solutions that improve accessibility, safety, and functionality, and implementing these solutions in a cost-effective and efficient manner.