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Local Food Systems Placemaking

We offer a unique and integrated service suite that connects everything from regenerative agriculture to resilience thinking training to leadership development to digital analytics.

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Resilient Design Thinking

 As green infrastructure specialists, we design and implement eco-friendly projects for urban communities & organizations, neighborhoods and cities using Permaculture Design, Placemaking, and data mapping.

Our practical designs and data analysis can help communities have more positive impact and with less friction.

Transform your community into a hub of healthy, sustainable, and inclusive food culture with our services.

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The Future of

Sustainable cities

We are helping entrepreneurs, changemakers, communities and organizations change the game around creating & managing public spaces.

Regenerative green cities is our Vision for the future.

We co-create self-empowered, sustainable communities with Placemaking, urban agriculture, and emerging technologies. Our regenerative approach improves well-being, reduces dis-ease, and improves climate solutions and community engagement for a thriving urban future.

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sustainable housing

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local Food systems


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We specialize in applied systems design, sustainability strategy, leadership development, social impact consulting, and data analytics. These skills and expertise empower you to unlock your community’s regenerative potential and achieve success.

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Local Food Systems

Our community-driven process to Placemaking and local food systems offers a regenerative approach, including farmers markets, urban agriculture, circular economy design, and funding mechanisms.

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For Placemakers

We not only work directly with communities, but also support Placemaking practitioners, designers, leaders, place managers, and community organizers. We provide a leadership and team profiling system, utilized by over a million entrepreneurs, to optimize Placemaking effectiveness.

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Digital Layer

Our Digital Layer services offer technology-driven solutions for impact measurement and data analytics. Adding open source tools for data visualization and mapping can enhance communication and decision-making, revolutionizing community building.