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Regenerative Garden Consulting

Eco-gardening, edible landscaping and urban farm design consulting services for social change

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Empowers entrepreneur-minded gardeners, landscapers, Permaculture designers as well as community garden organizations to implement regenerative principles in both plant cultivation and business. Our goal is to help you create meaningful eco-social change and impact within your local community and neighborhood.

Sand Hill Community Garden - Asheville, NC
Our mission is to empower entrepreneur-minded gardeners, landscapers, Permaculture designers and community leaders to implement regenerative principles in agriculture and business, driving eco-social change and impact within their local communities and neighborhoods. By adopting regenerative practices, you can create a positive impact on the environment and your community. Join us in shaping a sustainable, resilient future for all.
The Future of

Sustainability Management

The future of gardening, landscaping and farming is regenerative, and it starts with you.

Regenerative, simply put, is where innovation meets sustainability to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits both the environment and the community.

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sustainable living

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sustainability consulting


Restoring the Earth also means restoring people, particularly in inner cities, indigenous communities, and economically disadvantaged areas, enhancing climate resilience.

We believe that Sustainability Consulting needs to evolve into a regenerative business proposition for social change.
Our approach leverages group facilitation and the latest EdTech tools to maximize effectiveness and impact. The sections below describe how we integrate these methodologies into our consulting services.

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Our transformational approach not only nurtures the land, but also revitalizes communities, fostering a connection between people and nature that leads to healthier, more resilient societies.

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Sustainable Business Strategy Consulting

Integrate regenerative principles into your business model to create sustainable and profitable enterprises. We help you develop strategies that align with your values and drive eco-social impact.

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Regenerative Garden Design & Implementation

Transform your garden or landscape into a regenerative oasis with our comprehensive design and implementation services. We focus on creating sustainable, self-sufficient ecosystems that enhance soil health, promote biodiversity, and produce abundant yields while also providing opportunities for entrepreneurial success.

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Community-Based Projects and Workshops

Engage your local community with foodscaping projects and workshops designed to educate, inspire, and transform. Our initiatives promote community involvement, environmental stewardship, and collective action.